Reshma Aur Shera Reshma Aur Shera

2 hrs 38 mins



Waheeda Rehman Amitabh Bachchan Vinod Khanna Sanjay Dutt Rakhee Gulzar Sunil Dutt

Sunil Dutt, Pran Mehra, S. Ali Raza,

Shera and Reshma are in love with each other despite the existing turmoil between their respective families. When Sheras father learns of their relationship, he asks his other son Chotu to kill Reshmas father and her newly wed brother. Enraged with this, Shera murders his own father, assuming that it was him who killed them. He pledges to kill Chotu but soon finds out that Reshma, in order to stop Shera from this destructive madness, married Chotu, bringing an end to the feud between both the families.