Kasme Vaade Kasme Vaade

2 hrs 27 mins



Amitabh Bachchan Sharat Saxena Rakhee Gulzar Vijayendra Ghatge Randhir Kapoor Dinesh Anand Mushtaq Merchant Ravi Kapoor Neetu Singh Nitin Sethi

Humayun Mirza, Nandkumar, Madan Joshi, Peter Pereira, Ramesh Behl, Mahrukh Mirza, Shahrukh Mirza,

Kasme Vaade is an action film released on April 20, 1978 under the banner of Rose Movies. The film is directed and produced by Ramesh Behl. The story is about a man who gets killed while helping his brother. Further, a look-alike of the deceased man appears creating confusion for the brother and the widowed brothers wife.