Secret Superstar Secret Superstar

2 hrs 30 mins


84% with 102,218 votes

63.75% (8 Ratings)


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Drama, Musical,

Aamir Khan Farrukh Jaffer Raj Arjun Meher Vij Zaira Wasim Tirth Sharma

Aamir Khan, Amit Trivedi, Kausar Munir, Anil Mehta, Hemanti Sarkar, Akash Chawla, Kiran Rao, Abhishek Banerjee, Advait Chandan, Anmol Ahuja, Priyanjali Lahiri,

Total Rating 4.2

Fourteen year old Insia aspires to become a singer, but her overbearing father stands in the way of her great dream. However, under a veil of anonymity, she soon becomes an internet sensation - a Secret Superstar. With the world in awe of her rare gift and a celebrated musician as a mentor by her side, Insia embarks on an exciting journey that changes her life and the lives of everyone around her.


Acting done by amir khan tells why he is Mr. Perfect Also The boy who is great in flirting gives good dilog to impress anyone. Climax was very emotional i love that.


This movie have everything expected from an amir' movie. but the best part was itself was amir, and his supporting role. he's the backbone of story and this credit of getting so much from a supporting character is credited to director itself. brilliant job my mother, brother, father, admiring characters. and at last she stand alone, zaira.


Its a very good movie based on a very good story line. Not a single boring moment. i would recommend others to watch movie as it is very close to reality.


Inspirational story, music is great, sometimes it gets boring, end is very average. Lead actress does good work. AAmir khan is best as always


the entire team, right from the director, music director and the actors put in great effort. sincerety of efforts show on screen. smaller details could have been better though.