2 hrs 25 mins


68% with 36,356 votes

Drama, Romance, Action,

Megha Akash Ravi Kishan Brahmanandam Kanneganti Brahmaji Nithiin Kumar Reddy Arjun Sarja Balireddy Prudhviraj

Anil Sunkara, Mani Sharma, S. R. Shekhar, Gopichand Achanta, Ram Achanta, Hanu Raghavapudi, J. Yuvaraj,

Total Rating 3.4

Lie is a story about a man named A. Satyam, who blatantly lies and also goes by the name Asatyam. The movie showcases how a girl falls in love with him for all his lies and how he manages to keep her happy and, at the same time, outsmart his enemies with his intelligence.


superb acting of Nitin , action king Arjun. screenplay, direction,story , dialogues are pretty good.background music is awesome.songs are good ,overall it is a superb film


In the trap of intelligent movie.. director shows all the nonsense he could in the movie..! He doesn’t know what his story about...! Mindless people like everything


Very bad movie. Full time waste. Please dont go for this movie But music was excellent BGM IS also extradinary but story wrost Heroin look like telugu and traditional gril her action is excellent


interesting characters ...good story ...logical ...good locations...totally fantastic one ...worth full movie of getting a hit...


very boring movie did not expected from nithin only bombhat song is good and lagam song villan is waste heroine megha acted well but story robbed the movie story is good bit presentation to audience is not upto mark overall below average movie