Red Sparrow Red Sparrow

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Not for weak hearts and stereotypes...nThe movie is an about a simple girl, whose love and passion is ballet, but was betrayed by dance partner, further betrayed by her uncle who pushed her to join Russian intelligence - where she has been taught the worst and wicked nuances of being a spy... But did Lawrence was able to perform as a sparrow and turn around the table and win an audience - of course!nA thriller with utmost brutality and nudity.


good script,good direction,every thing in this movie,suspense,love,thriller,drama,and Jennifer acting is very good,so go and one time see this movie


concept is good, but lag is happening somewhere, it's somewhere boring.. u can watch this flim once a time and that's it.. brutal scenes are awesome and 18+ is not that much good


This is one of a ki d movie. The storyline moves slighlty slowly but the story is very captivating. keep the audiences guessing till the last minute. Loved this movie.


slow burner, but worth the wait. first half drags on, but once the actual raid starts. it's gripping. sure watch. go for it. take your family as well


EPIC ... JEN LAWRENCE is out of the world!!! The most intriguing climax ever. The plot keeps you tied to your seats to the ver end. It can change a movie goers perception of knowing wats next


Last minute excitement. Every character did their job great. Slow movie but worth the go. Especially, Jennifer Lawrence did another great attempt.


Amazing movie! great performance by Jennifer Lawrence. Great score James Newton Howard. Story's a little bit of a drag sometimes.But Jennifer Lawrence really gave it all for this roll which is all about women fighting to get free from the clutches of powerful men. Hats off to her performance!


pl restrain yourself from watching this movie.its a waste of time and money!!... nothing like CIA in the movie.. every other person keeps on disclosing the secrets to everyone they meet... Jennifer Lawrence has disappointed..!!..a very dull and non sense story line leaving you hopeless right after an hour.!


it is a little slow but captivating movie. nitty gritties of the world of deception. spy thriller at its best... a must watch for people who liked spy games


long boring movie,,,trailer was so interesting but the movie is so terrifyingly numbing &dour ,it just meanders through insipidly.Jennifer lawrence acted well tho


Red Sparrow like the novel is hard to watch at times. Jennifer Lawrence is excellent as a vulnerable ballerina turned into a seductive spy. She shows variations of both the charecters with ease and makes you feel for her. Joel Edgerton on the other hand is miscast as a CIA agent. How ever the movie belongs Jennifer alone. The direction and screenplay are good but feel like drag at times. Its a good spy movie but not a great one. Watch it if you dont mind violence and blood.


Red Sparrow is a movie that tries to paint that spy craft is not what James Bond makes you believe. It is nasty and one has to go to their limits. Movie starts of well. But then starts to lose a bit of balance. They send a trained operative to hunt down a CIA agent. Now the guy in charge do not seem to know what the agent is doing. And no one is looking or like asking for reports. There just are a lot of plot holes. Ending makes it a tad better but not of utmost high quality.


A very good direction and nice story the climax is the one that scored a lot the twist and turns in the movie though it was very less action packed however it kept occupied


This is a very beautifully taken crafty thriller full of twists and turns. Jennifer Lawrence, one of the world's highest paid actress in the world once again proves what a versatile actor she is.


Excellent thriller, Jennifer Lawrence’s fan would love this one. Much watch for all those who love spy thrillers, even though it is extremely violent at times.


Excellent acting and best written story and plot.. the best direction makes this movie a worth watching.. the plot is so gripping and the story is so interesting that it keeps you on the edge


saw the movie in Singapore, uncensored. movie has several full frontal nudity scenes which create huge psychological effect but I am sure these would have been cut out for India viewers . Sad.


The movie was good but a bit lengthy and climax was great..! However, can't be watched with family due to language and some intimate scenes.


The Story, The Execution, The Suspense... Director kept the pace throughout & Were able to extract the Superb performance from the lead actors. Go for it 👍


I've seen better movie in the past on the subject..i.e. Nikita by Lux Besson. The story unfolds with little excitement and drugs along till the predictable end


Women have a Very strong EQ and IQ and if they are on a mission like Red Sparrow then the best of the best shall be nailed!!! Lovely movie and must watch for Women


No need to show all the details of the sparrow training. It is really very embarrassing to watch with friends and family. Better to avoid this movie


Excellent plot, specially the climax is worth every penny and highly unexpected. Though a bit slow at times but but will keep you involv d always.


1st as a ballerina, then as a broken girl and from there the transcendence to a complete spy- the true sparrow Jennifer Lawrence has put up a remarkable show. Only for serious movie lovers and not for kids


She fits perfect in her role, the pace of the movie is little slow but Jennie keeps you engage with her looks & with her acting :) she needs to do more of this kind of movies


awsome miss Lawrence 😍 her acting skills nailed it and she defined what a women is capable of.The look given suites her Jennifer forever❤️ stay blessed


Thrilling, complex and brutal. Not suitable for children. Basically it's a spy movie. So much violence. Brutal killings and torturing scenes makes us upset.


Jennifer Lawrence is on the top of her game in this movie..great plot full of twists...keeps you engaged till the last frame...Enjoyed it...


climax is mind boggling, to first half is slow but second half picks pace. Jeremy iron short appearance is powerful. Jenifer end fight scene is must.


This movie is one of the best films I have seen gripping till the end great love story great spy story n great acting by all actors. Don’t miss it.


A brilliant movie with a fantastic screenplay! All the main characters it into the role really well. No wonder if Jennifer wins an Oscar for this as well. Watch it for her Spectacular performance. Only negative about the film is that it looks montonous and slow paced at few points.


thoroughly engrossing plotvtjat keeps you guessing till the end . All is visible yet far from reality . certainly a must watch for spy movie lovers .


You would need to pay a lot of attention, if you miss a part of it while having popcorn or doing something that you are not supposed to, you will not be able to make a story out of it.


The film is very vague and lengthy and has loads of long violent scenes which even not been shot could have been made the similar impact to the story line.

vikas d

fabulous acting.. great to see jeremy irons after ages too.


good but same old story, Naked weapon is better then this, this 1 is predictable, not fast paced, silly mistake shown by firing in garden, a spy won't do that. Something else would have been more thrilling


Great work by Lawrence as usual, nice script, good amount of showcase of seduction and pure art. The movie manage to lean on the subject but little smartness from the creativity could make it far better. A nice project but with sluggish screenplay. a very good story with predictible suspense.


This movie is full of unexpected twists n turns. Thoroughly enjoyed as plot kept revealing itself. Jennifer Lawrence nailed her part. All in all a good spy movie.


The plot-line not at any point is predictable, and the lead of the film keeps you at the edge of the seat making you think which side she is on. There is one true action sequence, it's raw and it took my breath away. Very toned down film, but just pacy enough to keep one interested.


The movie is a must watch for any one who like action and spy movies . The story revolves around Russians and their spy system. Red sparrow is a perfect depiction of deceit and action in the best possible way


Amazing thriller, and was fun to watch! Very good acting by "Red Sparrow". Sound / Direction / Locations were also enjoyable! Current day topic!


A definite watch for someone looking for a spy thriller. Story is good but the movie is a bit long. Excellent performance by Jennifer Lawrence and other cast.


I like Russia spy .good movie and I enjoy a lot . Recommend to everybody to check out , you will not regret . Full of suspense toasted with Russia right


one of the greatest movie I ever seen on resent days deserve to Oscars love Jennifer Lawrence one again for her mind blowing acting and going to watch again


The screenplay don't comply with spy movie. Neither of it justify the char. Not completely spy training nor mission its just revenge that shows. . .


only ppl who wil watch properly wil understand ,the one stuck up with d phone wen watching movie, they r never gonna understand ,so concentrate on movie nd not in phone 😂


not the archetypal spy movie with hi-fi gadgets and action beyond exaggeration but depicted with realism .somewhere it lacks pace could have been better


JLawrence is stunning once again, a nice Russian espionage story which is told very well. The pace of the movie is a bit tard, but the rest of the storyline the star cast all do justice for the film on enterity. Nothing stunning but a good film. I give it a 7/10

Abdul Raheem

Movie is not good as shown in trailer . Only Jennifer Lawrence boldness is eye catching with perfect figure. movie is very slow with unnecessary stuff


Jennifer Lawrence was exquisitely graceful. The stunning Russian locations helped the movie to carry on cold mind processes in the middle of cold war.


movie keeps you hooked throughout with its twists and engaging screenplay and one major twist towards the end leaves you completely shocked!!good thriller for thriller genre fans!!


There is nothing to watch in this movie, especially because it has nothing as compared to what was shown in the trailer. It is slow and boring. Jennifer has done a good job but still the movie is not worth watching.

Narayan Kumar

The movie can be better appreciated if one has read the book by Jason Mathews.


Jennifer Lawrence's best work according to me. A very intelligent plot. Tests your wits initially and then keeps you tenter-hooks for what happens next. If you like to use your mind while getting entertained, do watch!


Every human being is a puzzle of need and you should he missing piece and they will tell you anything. That's what the movie tells. It's just like hate story series for Indians. Direction is good. But movie is too slow.


Jennifer Lawrence should have gotten away with this Film. The screenplay looked very weak, bad way of story telling too. Film seemed to be too long. Unnecessary twists in the film.


Topic selectes for the movie is good, Actors have carried is very nicely. However there was no good feel watching the movie, kinda boring. Trailer gives a very different picture but there is much action or other worth warching scenes. just 2.5 out of 10


don't watch this movie waste of money & also waste of time the users who 74% rated movie made entertainers decepted kindly please share geniune feedback .


Film can at best boast a high end cast with decent performances but ends up utter crud nonetheless. The cold war circa 2017 with Kim Philby recall. Certainly not worth Insignia rates. Ekdum timepass 👎🏻


If its your death wish then watch it. Ps: It's a joke of a movie Definitely a flop and it's something that you wish you could unsee(if that's a word) but you cannot, so live with it.


A raw Hollywood film from #FrancisLawrence Starring #JenifferLawrence in lead role. One big plus is Jennifer, nailed it, she is right person for this film bold role with neat performance. Right from the cinematography til the music their work is good. But coming to the director a raw Hollywood fillm, with many disgusting scenes Indian censor board might ban this film, I don't know how they approved this film. Some scenes in the film got censored that can easily to predict. Running length 142 minutes, if they trimmed little bit shorter it can be a good thriller flick and finally it's a below average flick. Strictly for adults (watch at your own risk)...


Its a really good story with a great performance from jeniffer lawrence but i felt that the duration could have been reduced, it was too lengthy


The movie was disturbing but mind blowing, it shows the dark world of espionage & women who are troubled by this world. The direction, acting, action everything was top notch. Definitely a must watch


this movie tickled my eyes after a long was one of the best movies i have seen ofcourse the genre being suspense.its not for kids ought to be coz it is a rated.nd not a family watch but go ri8 now before it is gone.then ending is gonna eat u up


Red sparrow is a spine chilling thriller filled with amazing twists & climax & anti climax. Jennifer as an actor is simply superb. Must watch ...


go and watch these movie full of suspense thriller and superb acting must must must watchable movie of these year...!!!if you love spy movie then go and watched it


Looked like a very good movie from the look of the trailer but was disappointed with the way the story moved. Overall it was a decent movie with nothing special in it (exception - JL).


super acting , great plot and visually compelling and very engrossing movie ...twist and turns amaze ur perceptions of the cold war ... a must watch for itz brillance in story telling.


it's a very slow movie. story is not new . u can guess what will happen next.the movie is too lengthy... as it is a rated, there are some spicy scenes.


Fantastic movie after long. A must watch for Spy lovers. Lawrence at her best like always.. not a minute drop of diplomats' twist, keeps us guessing throughout.


Movie is full of twists , Great storyline . Many scenes have Nudity as well as Violence at Extreme. Lawrence did a great acting , movie's suspense let you stick to your seat till the last minute of it.


The movie must be seen without missing a single minute only few of them can understand but really awesome screenplay and acting. story line is excellent


A gripping story line and an excellent performance by JLO. But for a few violent scenes overall a very good movie. Equally good background score too


Could have been ever better with Minus Seductive parts that were not supposed to be in the movie. overall - good watch within Adults and not recommended for Children's


Rating 3.5/5. The movie is all about survival in the world. It's slow in a good way. Not an action movie but the story is built gradually. One time watchable. Three to four steamy seductive scenes in the movie.


The movie’s slot is well designed but the movie runs at a snail speed. Further it’s not much of a “be trained and become a one man army”. The movie is completely different from what is depicted in the trailer. Not worth of spending the amount I spent on the movie.


Awesome acting by performance queen jeni and they would have concentrated on direction n music bit more otherwise it's great story with turns and twist.


Red Sparrow is definitely an acting and intelligence movie. Some scenes are really hardcore, intriguing, sadistic, full of blood and very, very violent. Jennifer Lawrence is sharper than a knife...Kills intensely quick. Ending is the most unexpected and gripping part of it. Best thriller of the year.


A very realistic spy story. The movie picks its pace in the 2nd half. Great watch with all the twists and the climax. Some of the tourtue scenes are not for the weak hearted. A big thums up for Jennifer Lawrence.


I loved the film. My dad was involved in lot of spying in afghanistan and qatar decades ago and the movie is replete with detail on how difficult and dangerous the life of a spy is . More so of a female one. Jlaw knocks this one out of the park even without the best directorial vision.

kamal basha

actually the movie was too gud.. seriously the movie keep engaged till end..the climax s unexpected.. director nailed it..sure u won't get disappointed u can watch the movie..


A perfect psychology thriller plot based on American Russian cold war. Actors have truly killed it with their spectacular performances. A must watch for the ones who persue interest in after World War phase.


Movie is lavish in its production but lacks in a settled screenplay. Changed its tone in every act but not accomplished what it meant to accomplish. Performance wise except Jennifer Lawrence nobody had enough screen time to showcase their talent because Jennifer Lawrence is the hero. Joel Edgerton is completely miscast especially for this role. some scenes are very uncomfortable to watch but you know what you are going for. Ok. one time watchable for Jennifer Lawrence fan's


A proper spy thriller after long!! Jennifer Lawrence is absolutely brilliant. A must watch movie. Keeps u hooked right until the end. Loved it

Urban Bauul

i like spy movies. Red Sparrow is a very realistic, low toned movie. Though the appearance is very gloomy, but the Russian beauty hits up the scenes. Overall a movie for serious movie buffs.


beautiful narration...scripts wise the movie is good ..jennifer amazing performance.. beautiful narration...scripts wise the movie is good ..jennifer amazing performance


movie is on the back drop of cold war where using honey trap is being utilized as norm. as little twst at the end is there but overall its very cold in drama. lacks engagement from audience.


This movie was most challenging for Jennifer. And I would rate this movie as her best performance so far. The movie could be said to be little wild with sensual and raw scenes(GOT type). But I thoroughly enjoyed this suspense thriller drama movie.


After a long time got to see a good spy thriller. Well executed. A simple story to begin with and then picks up when the Ballerina turns into a spy. The conclusion is something to wait for.


2 hours of my my life I wish I could take back, total waste of's a soft core porno masquerading as a movie. Jennifer Lawrence completely disappointing. story line atrocious.

Alexander Alburt

Fantastic Movie, great acting and equally justice done by the makers. Loved Jennifer Lawrence as usual. She was just mind blowing. it was a treat to watch.


The plot is brilliant, Jennifer Lawrence’s work is commendable. Although it’s America tooting it’s horn as usual, can’t help but appreciate good movie making. If you are not into putting the pieces of a story together, this one is not all well laid out like a Bollywood movie so be prepared to follow along closely.


Jennifer Lawrence is extremely good in bold and brave looks...the movie is full of diplomatic twists ...can say the diplomatic revenge also 👌


Excellent, absolutely gripping thriller..a wild ride worth watch..Jennifer Lawrence has proved no one could do it better than her.. seat of the edge..


Jennifer Lawrence just because it's my favourite actress in Hollywood superb movie. I saw that movies. great work of Jennifer Lawrence hats off

Gautam Kumar

I really the concept,and the location the movie is shooted specifically the the effects and their presentation of red sparrow ,and the dress which matches the Title of The movie.😘


Good story line but screen play could have been a lot better. The acting of the lead actress is possibly the only positive point. Pretty boring.


Jennifer Lawrence simply killed it. .. fabulous acting and very compact story line. .. not a single moment u will feel bored . a must watch for anybody who loves movies


the climax is the heart of the movie. awesome acting by everyone in the film. best part of the movie is the twists in it. don't miss even a minute


Plot is good,but watching with kids is not advisable,it’s nice with insidious progression of movie.Marvellous acting and modest supporting actors too


Jennifer Lawrence was just were th other cast !! The movie may not appeal to all..but had a good story tht will may u sit till last ...finally a different movie n great attempt by th team 👍👍


The movie keeps you engaged till the end. Jennifer Lawrence's performance is fantastic. Amazing cast. it's definitely worth watching. Movie will hit you with some surprises, good dialogues and some laughs in between.


There are better tales of female spies, backstabbing and snake & ladder even in 70s Kannada films.nGood one to get a sleep, no loud music also mostly :')