Tumhari Sulu Tumhari Sulu

2 hrs 20 mins


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watch movie for one time it's good to see acting of vidhya balan is too good ,story is different n good ,I will give 3.5 star rating to this movie


story is suberb and vidya's acting is also very nice. i think this is one of the most underated movie. all actors played there part quite well.


was a very nice moive and had a wonderful experience at the mall of Panvel. one could connect to a moive live this. was like a common person movie


Excellent movie the middle class women in India even though educated come across many obstacles in trying to work and the movie was a beautiful experience in which it is been brought over the screen is natural and Vidya balans acting was simply superb. I liked the movie. it is wonderful.


nice movie...vidya is wonderfull.all over movie is very nice..her voice ...wow..songs also very nice...its a really good movie.vidya is very talented actress.


Shades of Interpersonal Relationships has beautifully portraited by Vidya and Ashok. Liked the song Rani Rani and Hawa Hawaii. Malisha has and Neha have also done a commendable job.


little longer than it should have been. I would have preferred a crisp movie with an unstretched story. One time watch only. Actually it's better to watch this at home with take-out food.


Movie is really good, you can enjoy with family. Vidya Balan has easily lived in her role. An housewife, who believes she can do it. Overall good family movie.


It was a really good movie. Good lighthearted fun. None of the regular bollywood bullshit. Vidya Balan was GREAT! as usual. Blah blah blah 140 words :P


housewife can do ANYTHING. it's family movie n it's movie on real life experience. you can watch the movie with family. I will give five star to this movie.


This film was full of fun! People were genuinely laughing so hard and some scenes were so relatable that all the couples will see them in those characters, overall very fun and entertaining movie.


Vidya Balan 's incredible acting spree continues to entertain the viewers. She was at her best. The song 'Banja Rani' is ultimate entertainer.


one of the finest films in 2017. all the actor's have played there characters very naturally. It seems after climax the film ends abruptly, I'm sure something went wrong while editing the last scenes. Can't wait to watch it again on Amazon Prime!


content could have been better, and found vidyas acting a little standard stereotype... most part of the movie was kind of predictable and expected


great movie to watch with family but it does get little slow but good one , should be watched without any breaks, it's women centric and is inspiring


Horrible movie. Absolute waste of time. Highly disappointed. No story. Weak script. Nonsense dialogues. Random scenes. Vidya Balan’s presence exploited in a weak film.


Heard that many didn't like but I thoroughly enjoyed it. The comic timings, problem of ordinary working family, all has been captured well and issues presented properly


Nice family drama. Must watch. Nice combination of each family components. Such a nice movie and story from such a long long time. Can watch it many times but still fresh.


such a simple lovable storyline with Vidya at her best.anyone feeling their home maker wives can't do anything else but take care of household chores only n kids Must watch it


Direction, script, dialogues, etc could have been much better. It was good theme but made like C class movie. Regretted watching. Would not recommend friends.


The first half is good but later the movie loses its track. Vidya Balan fans only can watch the movie with interest. Overall story is boring.


Powerful performance by Vidya Balan, and the rest of the cast were also very balanced and good. Ignoring a few ups and downs the storyline is well managed and directed. Overall leaves a very good feeling.


awesome movie with good story n nice star cast. everyone lived up-to their characters expectation. Vidya firmly n strongly carries yet another movie on herself. shows how much your art can do even if all odds are out. I loved it and watched with my family


Although ending could have been better.Overall a good watch especially the 1st half.Although ending could have been better.Overall a good watch


Vidya Balan was fantastic in the movie as always. Manav Kaul is an actor who needs acknowledgement for his role as he played it religiously. As a debutant, Mallishka was quite good and had a funny character to play. Neha Dhupia’s brief role was worth applauding. Overall, Tumhari Sulu is a film which can be and should be watched by everyone!


I really like the side they have highlight on this movie. Women if determined can move mountains I believe and Vidhya is always following her passion.


All were very natural in their act which felt normal to watch. The husband was completely sold character and gave a nice feel to the whole movie


brilliant acting, super script, every individual can connect to this day to day routine. Vidya was too good in this. it was a full time pass movie


a very common story but nicely presented!!! bidya balan's acting was superb!! songs were quite good!! but story could have been improved!!!


Vidya Balan is a true Artist. Awesome emotions depicted from the film. Loved the story line and simplicity that caught viewers attention. Enjoyed the wonderful sense of humor which made us laugh.


Very nic movie. We enjoyed the concept. This usually happens at my place too. My wife wants to work and earn money. She comes up with stupid ideas.

Umesh lad

Movie was very nice. I love it. Very nice, best lovein house house wife character of sulu and his husband as responsible person. Caring for her son. And handling all home responsibility wilth smile.


great movie to go and watch with family or friends or even solo... you will surely feel refreshed. Enjoy the character of Sulu who is a Do it all by myself..


Full on fun. Must watch. No problem is big if you can be calm and positive towards life.. good message to the audience... family cones first


Vidya Balan again excelled. A true family drama and very much relevant to today's urban lifestyle. Hats off to the team for presenting such a true to life story.


Awesome movie.Each and every second of the movie was depicted so amazing. Vidya balan potrayal of a typical of housewife who wants to break the shackle of norms was something truly amazing.


It has common struggles for a working middle class families in India. great work by both lead actor. First half of movie is really nice but it slows down in second half where they could have improved.


fantastic performance by vidya balan, thoroughly enjoy every moment of it. songs were also nice, specially ban ja merit Rani. it depicted the middle class family struggle and dreams.


story was really good and good acting and good writing vidya balan is good actor play very well I love this movie go and watch this love story


it was good movie and interesting and looking good vidya balan and she should reduce the weight and then she will look more beatifull and hot


stays grounded in reality while highly entertaining against the backdrop of a strong plot and great acting by both lead actors .. Vidya Balan and her husband's role


Wonderful presentation by Vidya Balan. Her acting was completely into character, nothing can be expected more. It was funny and also encouraging women empowerment.


What a fight n stunt she did😳.. n off course women empowerment 😝.. funny 😂 dialogue and in all very nice movie 🎥. I like the song galla goriya


Sulochana is playful, responsible, feminist but in her own way, And is a typical woman who creates her own method to make a difference, safeguard her self respect and identity despite limitations. It's easy to identify with her. And Vidya Balan's acting and engrossing screenplay make it an entertaining watch. Music is good too.


Vidya Balan Rocks. I love see her in all the different characters. A journey from Hum paanch till here. Different story from regular movies. Female oriented.


The movie runs among the middle class society and leaves a good message at the end. It makes you feel as if your home is in the characters.Lovely way to put forward ones Willingness above all.


superb flim by Vidya Balan. oncs again she did her best. she always perform one side. best of luck for next movie. god bless her best. thanks


most rubbish i had ever seen a bollywood movie. that was intolerable for me to sit and watch the full novie ..totally wasting of time and money


Vidya nair acted awesome. Good insight portrayed on conservative family, who aspire in high profile jobs. More such films are required to educate society on family challenges.


A simple feel good movie. The lead actors were the asset for this movie. Second half turns bit predictable and melodramatic. It is bearable.


Nice smooth going movie which gives idea about ambitious woman who tried to adjust everything to complete her dream and fight at each moment and even then she never loose hope


so practical and swweet that i feel like watching it again. family entertainer in which vidya balan shines as actress. everyone were good. strongly suggest to watch it.


over rated movie! sulu's whole family seems to be dysfunctional. Sulu has been shown aggressive and also docile at the same time. faulty characterisation. songs are so bad that they drag the whole movie. pls try not to make such a movie again.

Prateek Thakur

Must watch movie. Light comedy, nice storyline, happy ending. Vidya balan and other co stars have acted very well. Few punch line were were very catchy


Really appreciate the work of the artists they have virtually portrayed the characters as if they're existing in the real world. Was a nice movie to watch with good quality music


It's entertaining, a group work but vidya to look for. Watch, enjoy and go on... There is nothing to read review n judge. Eventually it will pass by


It’s boring and meant for housewives who are a little bored with their lives. A housewife has also lots of work to do but this one is as slow as a snail


good to see this movie. it is very interesting & engaged movie. movie concept is good & very creative. all craracter played very well as per movie concept


Pathetic movie it was. Totally waste of time and money. Story of the movie was all not good. watching Vidya balan on big screen is no more entertainment now .


Very nice,liked the performances..Simple,common story. Something u can always watch with your family. Vidya Balan ..again You Rock!! Real acting!!


Super funny and eye opener especially for men, who should realise that they need to contribute equally to the household chores. Also they should realise that women can earn equally and both of them can falter at their jobs.


nice story but abrupt ending. overall a good movie. one time watch .family movie.vidya balan has done it again. the story was nice and practical one.


in 2nd half it lost track as to what they wanted to show case and what message this movie wanted to give. First half was still entertaining.


Vidya Balan can never be disappointing you, what an act, what fun!!! Now the maturity of film makers as well audiences is making cinema so more worthwhile...fantastic effort!


boring for childrens. It was basically focusing on one lady and she overcomes the difficulties and obstacles just because of her zeal for achievement


something really different from those same boring commercial marsala movies, worth watching and that too in theater itself, not on phone or TV.


Its a good movie . I specially liked the song 'ban ja tu meri raani'. Its a mixture of fun and seriousness. But the director dragged it too much,felt board sometimes. Ending is bit strange,doesn't match with the flow . But over all I enjoyed and liked it.


Exceptional acting by the crew.. Good story... A must watch. This movie is an epitome creative writing and good acting. Definitely stands out from the other mediocre films Bollywood keeps churning out these days.


good entertaining some part comedy and punch lines were good but overall boring theme was not specific. Vidya balan was good. songs were bor .


Vidhya Balan took our heart away... yet another splendid performance. The entire caste had a very natural acting. Storyline was marvellous the ending though could be a little better.


good story awesome acting and a pleasing plot... Even better for elder married middle aged couples... liked it a lot... a vry good story... and what awesome acting by vidya balan... pure acting skills


time past movie and gud songs and Balan was looking nice in the movie and family movie with a nice message for the audience,and very well played by everyone


good movie, story,acting song and I think this is a motivational story really like this type of movie without struggle life is nothing .I think low budget movie giving best result


vidya steals the show with amazing performance keeping simplicity of a house wife intact also good performances by other actors...overall a good movie to watch..


Vidya Balan was awesome !! She knows to get into depth of any role she played. Enjoyed the movie n well supported by Neha Dhupiya. Excellent.


very nice scripted and full of emotions, drama, comedy... blend of everything was so good to see. good to see a bindas girl after sometime...


nonsense total waste of time and money i would like to get refund Plez don't watch this movie I can't get the moral what's the moral of the story.


movie was boring I brought tickets for my parents they totally bored...and regret why took dicision to watch this movie. No new concept and wasting money and time.


One of the best films I have watched... It is a Must watch movie for everyone... Supperb acting by Vidya Balan. And also loved Manav Kaul in this movie.. I specially loved the song "Bann ja tu meri Rani".. Overall it is a fun movie to watch..


Vidya is does her best for the role... So are others... One time watch.. A really close look on today's normal situations faced by people belonging to middle class


nice act by Vidya and co acter. Middle class family's story. Struggling for daily needs un Mumbai. Viday was awesome and two songs are also good


I liked the acting of the hero, very naturally done, and must of the married man like me and otters should have like this movie, no vulgar, no bad word used


Simple story of a Hard-working / determined working women who face societal / family issues but manages it at her best. Vidya ji, Kaise Kar lete ho AAp ( Amazing acting) Great Choreography (Funny / Naughty) of the song "Ban Meri Rani". Lastly I would say 4 words for this movie "Simplicity at it's Best"


The film is nicely executed with very convincing performances by the leads ,the visual aesthetic are on point with the story it’s just the climax that didn’t work for me . After such a nice build up you expect a lot towards the end and it fails to meet the expectations towards the end


A very good family movie. Wonderful cast and fascinating acting. Hats off to Vidya Balan Maam. Great attempt. It has everything from drama,comedy,spice to climax.Worth for money.


good movie , expected it would be like English vinglish, but it is good . acting of vidya is v simple, w/o difficult.. ease.. But the cinema house unwanted sound effects is in bearable,


Overall a family entertainer, vidya was fab, very inspiring, never let go attitude of vidya. Complete package showing jostling and bostling happn in day to day life..


Vidya Balan's into the groove acting. Simply too endearing. A very inspiring film about the will to succeed by ordinary people and how they emerge extraordinary


Vidya Balan's signature HellloonHAWA HAWAI 2.0nHer housewife role is something different and yet it works. A massive family fun entertainer machine..nNotably they have shown certain situations that happen in life...nThe common people's life


Sulu is a memorable movie indeed and I enjoyed it thoroughly. The movie scrip is nicely written and believable. Vidya Balan gives a very nice and creditable performance and very well supported by other well chosed actors as well.


It was a good entertainment, comedy. Movie presented really well the middle class family life and its challenges. Also shown that how someone whom we see as unskilled can shine with his her unique skills.


very light family movies must watch... Vidya ji had did awesome acting. Story if different from now a days movie. Manav Kaul seen in positive character aftet his milestones in negetive roles.


Its a good Family movie you all should watch one time .. feelings of 21st century women and problems facing of middle class families in metro city.


loved the movie and more so. .. Vidya Balan! she rocks... a woman in saaree can also be a beautiful heroine in a movie is what is proven without any doubt.. :)


Boring except for Vidya’s presence and Neha Dhupia was stunning . The concept of independence is skewed bordering on morality. Story dint have conviction which was a let down


it's different than regular time pass movies... Vidya once again proves herself with her impressive acting !! Good for family type people's :)


I am great fan of vidya balan all most it is good filme it is based on family daily talk and problems.which I saw?I will tell to everyone to see this filme once again.:-)


a light hearted movie which depicts the day to day issue of middle class families. its a one time watch family movie. Vidya's acting is always superb and the actor who played vidya's husband has also justified the character


fantastic. really fascinating plot. super graphics. best dialogue. wow acting. fantastic. really fascinating plot. super graphics. best dialogue. wow acting.


goodacting by all actors once again vidya proves her power. watched it only for vidhya but had great fun through out movie Manav Kaul acted well.


vidya's and manav's performance was outstanding..story was brilliant...last gift of the movie was Neha Dhupia's outstanding acting. Diriction of this film was mindblowing.


superb depiction of characters and great role playing by everyone. How a nuclear family suffers, how a housewife has to bear the insulting eyes and mouths from their own relatives and how a family falls apart, rejoins and leads a happy life after so many hiccups


It was nice movie. The story was fine. Acting of Vidya Balan was outstanding 🔥🔥. The movie 🍿 gave nice message for the development of the kids. The songs were also nice 👍.


The movie is not about the personal ambitions, it's all about living the life perfectly. As usual, this was perfect date with Vidya again. Must watch for married human beings.

Ankita roy

Its a great movie if you are a vidya balan fan, because i am . nFirst half was very very funny and full of jokes (couldn't stop laughing) .nThe second half was a bit serious and full of emotional content, which wasn't so unpredictable as the movie overall seems to be so natural , that every active housewife can relate it to . I am not one , but even i feel it so relatable . Only thing which was missing was some good dialogues or how should i put it? the convo between sulu and caller could be more interesting , so that a strong lesson can be given to this society , which thinks late-night RJing is not good .


waste of time and money better not to go its just rediculous..Atleast for me iam.not sure about others.....its only my opinion...Waste of time and money


Great message to young women and society in general. It is a great challenge to girls. They have to choose between the two, money and family.


middle class family crisis and expectations... everything were there...very good story...good acting...the understanding between husband and wife should be like this...they keep both of them very happy... struggling life...fully enjoyed..


No hero no songs no entertainment!! Only Vidya Balan who wants to become an RJ !!! More of a documentary. Women empowerment!!! Avoid if you can !!!


nice movie to watch with your family. good script and nice acting by vidya balan. Movie with nice thought, complete family drama. Full enjoyment and based on current family life👍


This unusual film is all about an aspiring middle-class housewife who tries to break the shackles of the day-to-day life of an ordinary woman and be a free and independent working woman against all odds. In the Indian families, housewives are always considered as the second class citizens, but this film firmly challenges this age-old thinking and delivers very lighthearted and funny tale of Sulu. Vidya Balan with her versatile acting skills has carried the whole film on her shoulders and given the believable character arc and true justification to the character of Sulu.


the movie is good and bad both the story is normal no change, as usual the story affects pace of the movie in a bad way. the performances are good but the lack of newness and slow pace are biggest down players.


Vidya Balan!!!!....wuuuhoooo.....reason enough to watch the movie....besides it was my first attempt to go watch a movie alone (wanted to experience it n i loved it :D ), and what better movie than Tumhari Sulu...loved the entire cast as well...great job at giving importance to smaller things too in life..:)nnCant wait for ur next movie Vidya...will always be ur fan...:DnnLots of love.


A hilarious movie that merits a rewatch. All the humour lands perfectly and the characters are delightfully relatable. If you take offense to adult themes, this may not be the best movie for you and on similar lines, children. But other than that, it's wonderful 👍🏾👍🏾👍🏾


First mention editing, it is superb, then comes Vidya Balan as usual, no substitute for the role. Direction, commentabale job, Story fir me it deserves 9. 9 out of 10


its a movie that can show the power of women,that if she desides to do change something ,then she can.vidya balan did a great character as sulu a house wife.


one time watch n very simple story. Must be some spice added to script. Vidya balan is always gud with her roles. Manav kaul is not so popular face.


Amazing movie, with a different concept showing a middleclass women's dream of making an extra effort and giving a helping hand to her family. Vidya Balan is an incredible actress, No one else could play this role as she did in the movie..loved by the message given through film


according to me this is a great movie indeed. the concept was awesome. Vidya Balan's acting was fabulous. I enjoyed.I think that people should watch this movie.


this film is most worst film , actors are not sharp , sbse bekaar acting vidya balan ke husband ki , muje ti itni buri lgi ke intermission se phle hi bahar aa gya theater se


The movie is light hearted. Sullu and Ashok’s character played by Vidya and Manav is superb! The acting skills these 2 have to make the audience connect to the movie are beyond phenomenal. Loved it!

Vishal Tiwari

i didn't enjoy just borring time it is not similir ti rial life it is just a rubiss idea of someone which make a commercial thing using known persons


Movie is about a middle class family house wife and her aspirations. She struggles between her family and her passion for work and proves everyone wrong. Worth watching


Very natural acting by both the hero and heroine. Liked lot of scenes that tickled my laughter self.


I dont understand these bollywood guys.. whats wrong with you people?? Grow up bollywood in terms of making good movie. not these kind of stupid movie. wasted my money.


I like the slice of life movies. vidya balan as always has done justice to the storyline and her role. only the husband envy part during the 2nd half is something that is regressive and should have been avoided. I thinks that gets a bit predictable. I'll give it 3 out of 5 stars


Awesome Movie...Vidya Rocks as always..nice chemistry Manav kaul and Vidya..too good...songs are good..nice picturization.love the movie...🌹💋😘👍🏻🙏👌👄🍻🤗


nice movie,helpful staff,go and feel the movie as like it is happening in our daily routine life...must watch and understand the actual meaning


The movie story script, direction & action of all the actors are exceptionally good, more particularly Vidya Balan. Movie is realistic.

Faisal Khan

a fill pack of entertainment and a family movie enjoyed alot. vidya was too good her acting in a role of comman housewife was superb as usual


Family With romantic, & inspirational. sulu character is Best.. Vidya balan acting so nice.. Movie shows women can also do something for family..Best movie every one should have to see with family..


A movie that will draw a warm smile with every passing scene. a middle class/upper middle married coule can relate to lot scenes and hidden sbtle humuor. the story is not much, but the presentation and its angle makes it delightful to watch. Mrs. Balan's acting is top notch, Mr. kaul is lovely, Mr. Maurya seen after long. good work. A must watch this December


Watch the movie for the amazing performance of Vidya Balan... very well supported by Manav Kaul...a nice story of a middle class family though the movie appears slow at times but the characters are realistic


start to end, every moment of the movie was amazing. Vidhya steels the show and every character of the movie add value to the movie. truely delight to eyes


Movie was good to watch once but this time Vidya Balan didn’t leave the impact the way her movie normally had . This was more of Happy go lucky movie where a middle class woman gets chance to fillfill her dream and she does that . Vidya vein my favourite star and I would like her to play strong roles


Sweet, cute & coming of age of a housewife. Amazing take at the scenarios. Loved Vidya in every frame. Neha looks ravishing. Great dialogues. The sound score is really peppy. Go watch it. #vidyafan


movie had a good story and good direction, but scenes felt dragged and quite predictable. The scenes could’ve been more crisp and lacked essence


Vidya has acted beautifully as Sulu. Can’t take your eyes of her when she comes on screen. She is brilliant! The movie hardly bores you and makes you wonder what is going on. It is believable and close to reality kind of a movie. Also really liked the light shown over situations when the family doesnt support you when u want to do something and underestimate your abilities.


a must watch for all the mid career women. , and. Vidya Balan is awesome in every aspect as always...and message to follow your hidden passion/talent is very clearly conveyed.

soma pachhal

lovely movie of a woman with lots of dreams but compromising for the sake of family. It gives a good message to the young couples.. the message of compromising.. family should be given the first preference..


This creation is rare. So it's okay. In real life ,this type of character will make a life very enjoyable and interesting.May creator bless those People.


Vidya Balan at her best as she always is. Natural and spontaneous.Transformation seems worth noticing.Neha Dhupia was so convincing.Seen her after a long time.Wonderful.


awesome story with outstanding performance by Vidya Balan. The Supporting actors were too good. Can watch this movie as many times coz vil not get bored


the sanctity of human relations in the smallest unit of family beautifully portrayed !! Family harmony while both partners fulfilling their dreams, is so well depicted !! Enjoyable movie !!


this movie good for family members and understanding for the couple. how to life going on. up and down. this is main perpas. to how to manej family life.


great movie with superb acting from vidya balan a true gem to watch. great and awesome storyline with great supporting cast. A must watch for all


nice family movie. really enjoyable with " Hello...oo" by Vidhya. amaging performance by Vidhya. perfectly performed by her. characterisation in proper way...


Sulu’s character is nicely sketched. A great family entertainer movie. Everybody has done justice to their role. Vidya, as usual, has done a superb job. 1 baar Sulu se milna to banta hai.


it is a great movie family watchable and yea women empowerment in this movie, And common based movie where a common life housewife achieve great success😎


This movie is a nice, relaxing and a good movie to go with your family. All the supporting actors have done a good work and of course it's Vidya all the way. Would have loved a little stronger story line, but still it's worth a watch. Lot of things to teach.