Maze Runner: The Death Cure Maze Runner: The Death Cure

2 hrs 22 mins


72% with 7,955 votes


superb movie have to watch once.Good climax and emotional lays scenes. newt letter in the climax got emotional. we miss u newt and teresa . what an action movie.saved Minho and galley back.


Movie was awsome. Can't describe the movie in words. The best movie in maze runner Franchise. Much more action and thriller with preety emotional. The climax of movie make tear on my eyes. Awsome movie


Death Cure is indeed action packed. The action scenes were exhilarating and certain scenes were emotional. It was a good entertaining film. Dylan Oโ€™Brien has grown up and the whole cast had done a great job. I don't know about others but if you're a fan of Maze Runer franchise, then enjoy watching it, you will like it.


This series really needed some more installments and will miss watching it .. should watch it more .. BookMyShow should not limit the number of characters


A pure joy after many months. One of those cases where the sequels manage to keep up. Wish there would be another part to the trilogy. Great storytelling


good picture to watch..please go and watch with your friends and family.i have thoroughly enjoyed.worth to watch at hall. go and watch at your disposal


stupendously insanely pathetic. have never seen such a pathetic movie in my life and am sure will never see such a movie till I die. how foolish can the plot be.

Milton saldanha

very nice and excellent movie,good to view even for children,a ll the special effects and action scene were of highest quality,sound effect was too good,an awesome movie,we had a good time


Movie was a big blunder, acting was worse, what else to say, its wasnt worth having spent so much money on a movie like this, i slept twice, finally it peeved me off to leave the theatre itself


The best of the franchise, great story line and most of all the best climax that'll make u use up some tissues. Great acting done by everyone , However I still feel that it would have been awesome if while reading newt's letter the director had shown some flashbacks from the previous 2 movies


Good movie, enjoyed full time. Dylan O'Brien has way to go. Still hoping that the movie could show another in the series by the cute to the disease.


was a bit slow..previous parts were more entertaining .. 3d effects were mediocre... in and all a one time watch entertainment... could have been more fight scenes


It's a little predictable but it's still fun to watch and a lot of the old characters come back. A huge Dylan O'Brien fan here and his reckless nature is pretty much the same. A lot of the main Characters die though.


worth of money for sci-fi lovers... emotional ,love and friendship comparing to second part ...third part is worth of watching...u can really enjoy it


I liked it because it had a proper story and I liked the part in which they jump of the skyscraper, there was nothing I didnโ€™t like about the movie accept the part in which terrisa died


This movie was really gr8! Infact it came out better than expected. The way they captured Newt's death was heart rendering. Itbwas so heart touching that I was literally all over the place. Thomas Sangster's acting was just so true to his character in the books too.Love you Thomas [Newt]!!!๐Ÿ˜๐Ÿ˜˜ The other cast was really his too...Kaya nailed it!


Those who have read the book will definitely love it!! It's soo good!! The action, the story line and the thrill is perfectly shown! A big fat thumbs up ๐Ÿ‘


Pretty generic action flick.. but here's the thing - I thoroughly enjoyed movie for reasons known only to the folks who were sitting near us in the theatre I guess.


good movie quite predictable and could have been a lot better. was stretched a bit could have been smaller in size. but still a good movie. enjoy if you decide to watch it.


The movie was stretched unnecessarily. Kept the audiences waiting till the end for nothing. This is my least fave in the series. However, the movie still has got some excitement in it.


amazing experience of watching what might happen in future in one way. this is the best of the Maze Runner series. taken to peaks of climax. Wonderful


Its Pure thrilled movie. Much better than previous parts. Love to see how dead people came back again alive in this sequel again. There will be another part.


Okay movie, acting is okay, direction is poor, cinematography is poor, many scenes could be way better, it looks like they are trying to copy resident evil


it was not up to what previous parts were off. even the movie was moving very slow as if they made the last part just for the sake of making it and not for the best movie experience


First part was three best one so far. Yet death cure turned out good. Have been waiting for this movie since scotch trials and it was worth the wait. Loved each and every character. Most fav part was the jumping from the building.. that was insane and yet thrilling ๐Ÿ˜๐Ÿ˜๐Ÿ˜๐Ÿ˜


Adventure and thrill was there for the whole time just didn't like the ending because i couldn't understand the purpose behind that kind of ending.


Runtime is way too long and story becomes pointless beyond a point. Editing should have been sharper. But otherwise, well made movie with good mix of action and emotion.


superb action movie n we can watch it without boring,but in the last the movie was with emotional as one of his friend n lover will die,worth to Watch


Very good concept. Totally new & exciting third installment in the series. Acting 9/10, VFX 9/10, SFX 8/10, Sets 9/10, Cast 8.5/10, Story 10/10


from the beginning till the end one word for movie "OWSUM" all the cast ad the story of mind blowing. everyone should watch this movie. i will give 1000 out of 100 i loved it


not upto previous version. making is.good unnecessary scenes. but the vfx isgood and sound design is extremely good. overall average movie. one time watchable


Movie plotting was nice. Manoeuvred it to the previous part and action sequence was thrilling and exciting. They ended the sequel in a more matured and convincing way. Highly anticipated this.


Waste of time. don't go for this movie unless you want to be impressed with a horrible story line and a boring first half. please save your time and money.. don't book the tickets


I have been continuing with the maze runner series and it always has been surprising me ,at the very beginning it was awesome nice direction and all the actors had done great I haven't even found one mistake


Enjoyed each moment of the movie. Please go after watching previous 2 part before going to watch. Because it will be helpful to connect to it.


The movie is very good and might be best movie of the series.The experience was more awsome because i was alone and very few people in the hall.I am also sad for tresa and newt


I was a bit down because of Part 2. But, the movie is better than expected, right from the start. Ni boring scene from the start to the end.


not so good not so bad, started well but in a middle storyline bored you,ending was too cheesy i say... one time watch and yes no great 3D effect even movie is in 3D though..


Even though I haven't seen the previous parts, it wasn't difficult to understand. The movie was thrilling and enjoyable. It was sad to see the lover die though. I hope they show that she is alive in the next pay


Scripting s weak as any rescue operation and story operates in a slow fashion.Emotional touch in the movie was a Little more than tolerable.Actions sequences are amazing as encounters of Zombies in 3D looked fabulous


This movie is great. Remarkably well directed. Even though the movie is a bit different from the book, it's a true treat for all maze runner fans. No major changes though. Definitely watch it!!!


This part did justice to the previous parts.One of the best movies.Loved it!!! I would highly recommend to peeps who have watched the previous parts!


aswm story and acting is excellent go and watch this it's amazing movie...we waiting the next part of this movie...newt acting and tommas is aswm


very boring and the movie is not interesting like previous two movies. However, the movie story is ended. don't waste your money for this movie.


Movie was excellent, but theatre was boring.. 3D glasses were provided, but there was no public at that show.. It was like we were sitting in our private theatre..๐Ÿ˜‚


Lesson conveyed is quite good. First half is a bit slow. Second half quite riveting. End is fabulous. Acting of Thomas and Teresa and Minho is specially worth watching


It is an amazing movie and it's like a dream in our eyes where the team trying to control the whole world and everything. I just enjoyed the movie. I was waiting for the movie to release and watched the movie first day first show


waste movie..unworthy to make in star cast..besides...copy paste action scenes and drama...please post some best reviews to rate the movie..

Mohammed Shabil

was great time spent to watch this movie I would like to suggest watch this movie once, though it was very curious and generic movie ๐Ÿ‘๐Ÿ‘๐Ÿ‘๐Ÿ˜‰๐Ÿ˜‰

Manoj Kumar

But visually it's more interesting. Pros: visuals direction cinematography Cons: The story is pre predictable, would have been more haunting like part 1.


More of a cliche and less of a movie. Same dialogues and same action repeated and not much of creativity was put in this movie. So only 1 timw watch.


Movie had a good story. The opening sequence was just too good. I had the feel of blade runner in the city they created. Movie was full of emotions of friends. Enjoyed.


Disappointing that new parts should be more interesting but that isn't in this world. There was no maze and suspense in this part. Everything was normal and like a normal action film.


The movie is amazing and very intresting to watch. Go and enjoy the movie. The way every charecter play their roles and the direction is superb.


The 3rd installment of T. S. Nowlin's Maze Runner series packs quite a punch with Patricia Clarkson's nearly expressive face. While the storyline is predictable, the live action pieces stitched together bears an uncanny resemblance to Steven Spielberg's Minority Report. While 20th Century Fox did its best to up the popularity factor by casting Lord Baelish from Game of Thrones, there is hardly any espionage or mind games being notably played. nn Though the crux doesn't deviate from the James Dashner's book The Death Cure, it is quite referential to the current times of unrest between superpowered countries today. The film does take you on a quest of Gladers trying to get inside the Last City and barring a few action sequences, there isn't much other to experience. nn A must for the die-hard Maze Runner fans. A one-time watchable film for the ones who got stood on a date and wish to pass their boring Sunday.


Movie was sure better than other parts but ending was not that much satisfying. Should have taken over wicked when it was destroyed why run to an island.


It has the action you want but somehow a titanic ending...don't want to say much and spoil it but it's worth the watch. This movie seems to have concluded the series but it would be nice for a continuation of it.

Syed Ahmad

the movie starts with a bang, later it slows down a bit, just a bit. and the action continues. the end is so emotional. it's ends in a odd way :/ you will enjoy every bit.


except starting action seen ,it's very bored .no any good 3D effect on so it's meaningless for action lover specially for 3D effect.story line is good but not satisfied in direction.


awesome graphics, storyline and direction. worth every penny. This is the best part of this series. Go watch it without any hesitation. Excellent work team


the story is better and the screenplay is the bestpart,the actors has been played very well,worth watching movie,dont miss it.Recommend to watch in 3d and enjoy the experience


If you wanna watch go without expectations, don't compare with it's previous parts. predictable script and poor screenplay. Movie is not at all engaging. I suggest don't waste your money and Tim on this movie


Was expecting a new maze but all we saw was action. Okkay for one time watch. Nothing worth watching till the end. It's a pretty obvious ending.


Beyond expectation.. Awesome movie.. Worth watching... Thomas & Newt stole the show.. Gally asusual mass with comedy.. Overall good movie...


Better than the previous part. The story is explained good and graphics is also satisfactory. 3D effects are not up to the mark. But some of the action scenes are so good.


Maze runner is actually good 1 time watchable movie. Thrilling intro. Slow moving 1st half. Stunning action on 2nd half. Sentimental Climax. on the whole a good entertaining 1 time watchable movie.


The starting of the movie is very gripping... it slows down towards the end. The action sequences are very good but the movie is a bit longish.

Satya Chandra

Totally movie is good. above average but the thing is the story is not as suggested as title of the movie "THE DEATH CURE". this part is better than 2nd one. story could have been better according to the title given. lastly it's worth watching it and a decent conclusion and farewell to MAZE RUNNER trilogy


good and engaging exceptionally super with Hollywood level graphics And Cast and crew and last the heroinde death not good please change the climax and release again by giving birth to heroine you will billions of trillions as your collection


Amazing experience with my wife also enjoyed the movie in 3D.Plot is good one so excited to watch the movie. I Give my rating honestly. good...


I loved the first version , there is no much 3d effects.. kind if average movie.. i expected there will be running.. but nothing as expected.


hated a lot. . ... . .. if you miss the beginning you cant understand a word.. evrybdy in the film talks with the pronoun they they they they, you can never find out what they are talking abt


The story is as great as ever and the stunts were amazing, but the ending was quite unpredictable as it doesn't actually cure the death afterall.


Despite a few loopholes, The Death Cure is a fitting finale to the Maze Runner series. The action sequences are really good with excellent VFX. The supporting cast were also good. Overall it was a really good movie and it's definately worth a watch.


pure entertainment, its better than the last one. If u like action and adventure movies, must watch it. First half will continue the story and second half will get u in some running adventure. It worth every penny.


This movie is far short of effects worthy of a 3D movie. The story line felt stretched unnecessarily in places. 3/5 for this part. the first part was the best.


Climax was awesome best movie loved it and Iโ€™m sure that maze runner fans will like this final movie. Iโ€™m sad that more movies r not gonna release like maze runner 4 and 5 the books r available buy the books and watch this movie for sure.


First half was interesting and had a lot to think about, good storyline but the second half was just war and some unneccessary storylines came into play. You will love it though if you have watched and liked the first two parts of the film.


Movie script is very slow. Dragged the movie from first till end.all the action shown in trailer apart from that nothing to be seen in movie. Very very slow movie. Didn't expect this


Do not forget to take a pillow if you booked the tickets already. Every viewer was yawning throughout the movie. Dirt grim sorrow boredom. Minimal effect of 3D technology. Only those parts shown in the trailer are worth watching. So just enjoy the trailer on TV. Do not book the tickets.


I think they did this just to make an extra buck! Worst I fell asleep the first half and left the movie, it was so uninteresting and blah. Watch at your own risk.


the cinematography and bgm was Good..the story line up is awesome..loved it...maze runner proves how friendship is important to Life...#tears


Good movie to watch. Acting was good felt a little less suspense as compared to previous version. End of the movie is fantastic.Loved it. 3d wasnโ€™t that great


Perfect Ending of Maze Runner Series. Screenplay, Direction, Soundtrack & Acting all are top notch. Action packed film. Being a fan of maze runner, i totally enjoyed it, every bit of it. Especially the last scene where Thomas Reads a Letter by Newt, The Most Heartfelt Friendship Letter Ever, Emotions were at peak for me...It's a must see for fellow gladers.


Movie has lot of emotional scenes due to which it makes us feel that it's little bit draggy. otherwise it's really a good movie with lots of action packed sequences.


Best movie. Good action and emotional scenes. Hates off to Wes Ball and T.S. Nowlin for their cinematic intelligence and excellence. A movie which should be watched.


Worth to watch if u followed maze runner series sure ull be amazed see it in 3d to experience best of it as usual visually, shot are simply superb.


just for the persons, who knew the whole story. As I mean if u watched and liked 1st and 2nd part. Otherwise it's nothing for you. R U Maze-tarian?


More action scenes, Lengthy, loved it! much watch in theatres only! Dylan O'Brien did a good job after his injury while on Set which caused the movie to delay it's release.


for maze runner series lovers it's a lil bit you know less of a treat they were waiting for and it was dragged a bit in the second half but overall still worth watching


Awesome movie to end the series is a must watch who is following this series. Not much 3d effects but there is no other option but to watch on 3d


Well Part1 and part 2is simply awesome. However this part particular half an hour before intermission and half an hour after intermission is bored for me rest all is OK.


very lengthy, very boring and over the top filled with too much drama. I literally slept during the break and also during some part of the movie

Vikas Joshi

Movie is impressive with brilliant VFX effects, cinematography, background score . Good performances .. Director wes ball continued his good work.


The sequel is taking you to a different world with imagination and action. Director ensures gripping screenplay. First to last scene is excellent.


The movie lacks an inherent logic. Is extremely cheesy in places. The ending a bit too escapist too be palatable. In comparison to the books the movie is a sore let down.


it's better to sleep in home rather watching movie.Every scene is expected as per audience view...Too much of boring scenes...No plot for the movie...


from first frame to the last. it was amazing. please watch both the parts before going for the third one. you're gonna love it. I was a bit confused after seeing the reviews... You don't need to be, Just go for it. trust me.


really awesome movie full justice done to the previous two parts. if u r a maze runner fan this is a movie worth watching... loved it enjoyed each a every part


Awesome movie a conclusive end and a movie to remember i cried while watching this movie. Awesome acting and movie is full of emotions love.


Nice action , zombie movie after long time, long movie but fun , entertainment all around. Action movie. Star cast is good, nice movie for all age groups


the movie will start with a bang,later it slows a bit , just bit. And the banging action continues, climax is soo emotional. you will enjoy every bitโค๏ธ. bit odd way to end the series.


Started good, laggy at times and ends the inevitable way with a touch of emotion. The first part ended with WCKD is good, the second one with WCKD is bad. Well in this one you can't quite figure out whether it's good or bad. If you have watched the other two might as well watch this one too.


too much story little action expected action after watching trailer but not much satisfied with the movie ending was too lengthy which was little boring unlike


Its definitely entertaining If you watched the previous 2 movies. The starting and ending of the movie is good but in between too much dialogs for a moment I felt boring. I won't recommend for first time watchers unless if you want to eat popcorn n snacks in a dark room.


good...nice to boring at all in 3D...have fun ...great movie with good story...nice ..good...awesome boring...good taking by director


A great movie to watch out for a solid entertainment. but the movie has some scenes which are predictable that gives the movie a drawback. other than the movie is a great movie for a visual treat.


A generic action movie with predictable plot lines. Unlike the brilliant first movie in the franchise which offered new ideas and specific personalities.


Movie started at good pace, maintained the tension and excitement till the last, nice storyline to end the series.Good acting does need a mention.


a good one time watch!! Though it had it's fare share of action and drama, it lacked that intencity! The benchmark of being a good scifi thriller isn't satified!! just like the second part the attempt was good but execution has not been that great!!


What a movie it was. thoroughly enjoyed every bit of it. Was so heart broken when Newt died. But marvelous acting by all the characters. Totally worth watching.


just go and watch this๐Ÿ˜ awesome movie .. 3d is amazing . not a single boring scene. and super b story with jaw breaking action. if you area maze fan then don't miss this


newt sangster & thomas evry one are to thriller action movie . MAZE RUNNER THE ONLY BEGINS DEATH CURE. previous part is maze runner && maze runner the scorch trials. are the amazing and wondered picture


The movie was average with some moments of brilliance. The movies beginning & ending was awesome, but the movie becomes very slow in the middle. So overall a one time watch.


I really liked the plot and story of this part of Maze Runner series. It had all the actions and sad parts that viewers wish to see. This is a whole in one package for all the action Lovers. This movie thou needs with sadness and good news that viewers need to see in next part.


guys ...i watched suggestion dob5 watch this without watching previous movie's...u don't understand single bit... whole lot of explosions ...and some nice time joke's...and Gally is back..and t Movie opening train seen off the charts...


nice camera effects awesome story n many more interesting part is Thomas acting wonderful n also terasa it is awesome different 3d level was awesome


not worth watching movie. not very interesting story comparing before movie. no suspense no thrilling. whatever I think about the movie that not came out after watching.


I wasted my 180 bucks, the story was OK but the movie action drama whole thing sucked I didn't think that they will ruin the third part too.


I've waited for this movie since 2 years n I saw it yesterday, I was so excited for it, I love it, its perfect. The scenarios, the soundtrack, the production behind was amazing. The cast did amazing job. I felt many things while I watched it. I was scared, happy, sad, I was crying, I was excited,I was losing my mind. There were many moments that destroyed me but still its beautiful and I love this movieโค๏ธ. Thanks is not enough. The Death Cure deserves all the recognition. I love Newt. I LOVE THIS MOVIEโค๏ธ


It was not as good as first part of maze runner sequence God knows why they spoiling it's end even two parts were more than sufficient to end up this short Concept anyway movie was avrage Wid NYC 3d effects...


It is the third and last film in the Maze Runner saga, and yes it is surprisingly good time. It's not the best film in the franchise but not bad as well. The film tries to expand its universe and gives more depth and arc to it's characters. The visuals effects are good, the proper direction adds more flavor to it. The film is gripping and entertaining till the end with some really cool action sequences.


The movie felt 'overlong' and the plot isn't great as well.. Graphics and cinematography in a few scenes is really good but thats it.. Nowhere close to the first part!


.Best movie of the series , Feast for those who have been missing Dylan O Brien. Visual effects and the emotions are nicely portrayed.Do Watch it.


nice movie with good story line up.was waiting for this part an they finally release it .worth for your money..would love to watch again...๐Ÿ˜€


not like the previous parts but still the best hope for a new version with some new storyline,if it was dubbed in Hindi more it would be a blockbuster in India too.


Went to saw movie keeping the prequels in mind , but totally upset. I had a feeling like went to saw maze runner and saw star wars with all the crazy guns and fire. Nothing related to maze, not even a quiz! No great effects to experience in 4Dx. Still worth giving a try if u r a fan.


The movie was good but lot of unnecessary drama and people are taken for absolutely no good reason the ending is well done and the starting is nice too


Death Cure gives answer to the questions and confusions that was left out in the scortch trials. It's carries lots of touching scenes along with action packed scenes.A must watch for a maze runner fan.


Best movie in Maze Runner Series.Dylan O'Brien and Kaya Svodelario's acting is very impresive.It's good to be watch.Overall it perfactly reached my expectations.


I liked it very much, action scenes are great , actually the whole movie is great, go watch it...have a great time seeing the movie.. better from the earlier parts


Just make sure you watch all 3 movies. It explains everything you need to know if you pay attention. Acting and action was great. I loved Dylan's performances in the movies, also Thomas and Ki Hong did amazing in these movies. They're all very good actors. I hoped 'The Maze Runner' had more books so this amazing journey could go on.


The first part was good and next 2 parts are equally bad. This part dragged too long. This movie could have been made better especially considering this is the last part. Or maybe they did this to make a new part in future


This one has different kind of climax. Last half hour is very touching. Could have done much more better. Thomas was great to watch. Even Newt did a good job. Didn't like the way all ended. There's gotta be one more.


Right From 1st Frame Movie goes On Straight Plot.. Good Visuals,Stunts,Cgi Work,BGM,ActinG... But Felt SaD For NEWT..๐Ÿ˜‘.. Gor For It..โ˜๏ธโ˜๏ธ


Never even expected this third class movie from Maze Runners. Please donโ€™t waste your money, itโ€™s not even a single watch. Super boring, no action, no story.


It was a good movie for an audience that watches fiction. I dont but the visual effects were cool. A bit more closer to meaningful reality might have been the recipe of a super hit. In saying that itll still do well because a lot of people overseas are fond of these type of science fiction movies.


I myself promptly saying I was being waiting for this movie since 2years. Today without 2nd thought I booked ticket online yesterday for today's first show. Thomas and team are just exceptional on their grounds. I connected with movie emotionally.climax will become reason for your tears in eyes. overall it perfectly reached my expectations. just go and watch.


Love the part where they donโ€™t focus too much on one thing but little on everything like the zombies. The movie is built in a way where you get more than you ask for.

Naga Srinivas

This movie is definitely not one of the best movie in the Maze runner franchise but this movie is better than it's prequel. Every actor did their best and Super Graphics.


The first part was good. The second part was equally bad, could have ended a story a little earlier. The movie was dragged too much, God knows why? The end part wasn't fun and spoiled its prequels. After first two movies, it was staged for a good finish, but it didn't happen. Lead actors did a good job, at par with its prequels.


incredible awesome film wonderful marvelous fabulous it's like dream in our eyes in different world the team trying to control the world nd everything