Aquaman Aquaman


99% with 1,926 votes

Drama, Action, Adventure, Fantasy,

Jason Momoa Amber Heard Willem Dafoe Djimon Hounsou Randall Park Patrick Wilson Nicole Kidman Dolph Lundgren Leigh Whannell Natalia Safran

Zack Snyder, David Leslie Johnson, Deborah Snyder, Don Burgess, Kirk Morri, James Wan, Will Beall, Peter Safran, Jaron Presant, Rob Cowan, Rupert Gregson-Williams, Geoff Johns,

Total Rating 4.95

Aquaman is an English movie starring Jason Momoa in a prominent role. The cast also includes Amber Heard, Patrick Wilson and William Dafoe. It is a superhero movie directed by James Wan. If you are a representative of the production house, please share the details of the film with [email protected]


Thanks to Visionary Director James Wan, Best Comic Book movie till date after Mos & BvS. Stunning visuals, great acting by Momoa, Amber Heard, Patrick Wilson, Nicole Kidman. HATERS GONNA HATE. AQUAMAN WILL REIGN.


Super graphics. A good break from marvel series. There will be other movies coming in the future also. We would expect a war between the surface and the ocean.


Imagination at peaks.!! Felt as if My childhood story books stories are given a graphics presentation.!! Overall good execution for regular and simple ___’man’ movies.!!


awesome special effects and a gripping story line. Khal Drogo continues to sizzle long after his days with the Khaleesi. The ending was a bit winding ... But that does not steal the thunder in any way


after justice league, lost faith in DC giving other characters equal or more importance than the superman. But watching Aquaman was pretty awesome compared to all DC movies till date (except Batman movies of course) go for it, you will enjoy the visual effects and the storyline, though a little bollywood style with family concept as of old movies, but entertaining nevertheless. the witty dialogues keep the mood up, love that!