Hum Hum

3 hrs 04 mins


83% with 6 votes

Drama, Action, Crime,

Kader Khan Rajinikanth Govinda Anupam Kher Amitabh Bachchan Danny Denzongpa Shilpa Shirodkar Deepa Sahi Kimi Katkar

Kader Khan, Kuldip K. Mehan, W. B. Rao, Ravi Kapoor, Mukul Anand, Mohan Kaul, Romesh Sharma, Laxmikanth Pyarelal, Louis Banks, Sunil Kaushik, Laxmikant–Pyarelal,

Total Rating 4.15

Bhaktawar is a criminal mastermind who bosses a dockyard and makes all the workers work there without receiving any wages. He is however, troubled by Tiger who is the dockyard`s union leader, but does not harm him because Tiger`s father is his bodyguard. In a meeting between the two, Tiger kills him and runs for his life. Years later, Tiger is shown as a sober man (Shekhar), who has two younger brothers and one of them is a police officer. But past soon catches up with him and now he must run from his brother to not get arrested.