Gair Gair

2 hrs 28 mins


Drama, Action, Crime,

Ajay Devgn Paresh Rawal Ajinkya Deo Amrish Puri Raveena Tandon Ajay Devgan Kiran Kumar Reena Roy Sulabha Deshpande Satyen Kappu

Rajeev Kaul, Praful Parekh, Ashok Gaikwad, Harish Sapkale, Prakash Patil, B.N. Kolhe, Santosh Saroj, Anwar Siraj,

Gair is a Hindi action film, released in the year 1999. The film is about an adopted child who later becomes the heir to his fathers business. His brother and natural son of the family resent him for this and try to create complications in his life and defame him.