Crackers Crackers


Comedy, Action, Animation,

(Voice) Nikhil Dwivedi Smiley Suri Siraj Khan Nikhil Dwivedi (Voice) Smiley Suri (Voice) Anil Goyal (Voice) Siraj Khan (Voice) Anil Goyal Voice Nikhil Dwivedi Voice Smiley Suri Voice Anil Goyal Voice Siraj Khan Voice

Priyank Dubey, Dilip Sen, Anil Goyal,

Crackers is about todays youth and how they can fight the evil in life. First half of the movie is full of fun, comedy and romance on college campus, where a youth festival is in full swing. Second half deals with a terror attack on the campus and how the youth channelizes their energy to counter and foil the attack. The film revolves around four characters - Roxy, Gopu and Sexy Kate along with comic character of Bolly to create the fun in the movie.