OMG! Oh My God! OMG! Oh My God!

2 hrs 12 mins


80% with 325 votes

Comedy, Social,

Paresh Rawal Akshay Kumar Sonakshi Sinha (Voice) Salman Khan Mithun Chakraborty Salman Khan (Voice) Voice Salman Khan Voice

Rajesh Bhatt, Himesh Reshammiya, Meet Bros Anjjan, Umesh Shukla, Sachin, Jigar, Jigar Saraiya,

Total Rating 4

When Kanji Lalji Mehtas antique shop is destroyed in an earthquake and his insurance company refuses to compensate for the loss, he decides to sue God and claim compensation from the representatives of God.

Arun Kumar

An explosive content handled masterfully


This is the first time I am writing movie review. As i am forced to after, watching such a Excellent, revolutionary concept. This movie has changed my opinion. Enlighten yourself by watching OMG


itsss fullll of shitttt movieee no ntertainmnt @ alll


stop putting money in hundis.... if u want to do anything for poor...u urself do it.... superb concept & issues shown..


OMG is by the onw of the best social satire based movies that i have witnessed.