The A-Team The A-Team

1 hrs 58 mins


72% with 17 votes

Action, Adventure, Thriller,

Liam Neeson Bradley Cooper Sharlto Copley Patrick Wilson Jessica Biel Gerald Mcraney Henry Czerny Brian Bloom Maury Sterling Corey Burton Dwight Schultz Dirk Benedict

Mauro Fiore, Ridley Scott, Tony Scott, Alex Young, Roger Barton, Jim May, Larry Blanford, Stephen J. Cannell, Joe Carnahan, Jules Daly, Brian Bloom, Ross Fanger, Spike Seldin, Ross Taylor Fanger, Marc Silvestri,

Total Rating 3.6

The A-TEAM follows the exciting and daring exploits of Hannibal Smith and his colorful team of former Special Forces soldiers who were set up for a crime they did not commit. Going ``rogue,`` they utilize their unique talents - and eccentricities - to try and clear their names and find the true culprit. Liam Neeson (``Taken``), Bradley Cooper (``The Hangover``), mixed martial arts champ Quinton ``Rampage`` Jackson, and ``District 9`` sensation Sharlto Copley, are ``The A-Team.``


Movie is awesome, super action flick with nice humour. Its a must watch.


movie was awesome