Maggie Maggie

1 hrs 35 mins


53% with 123 votes

Drama, Romance, Thriller, Horror,

Aiden Flowers Arnold Schwarzenegger Joely Richardson Abigail Breslin J.d. Evermore Laura Cayouette Wayne Pere Douglas M. Griffin Amy Brassette Mattie Liptak

Bill Johnson, Mikael Salomon, Matthew Baer, Henry Hobson, David Wingo, John Scott 3, Colin Bates, Joey Tufaro, Ara Keshishian, Lukas Ettlin,

Total Rating 2.65

As a virulent zombie epidemic spreads terror across the globe, a father cares for his infected daughter while struggling to prepare her for the inevitable.


waste movie... tot it will be horror but nothing is thr in it.

Ajay Reddy

A bit too slow for an arnie movie, watch it if you want to see him in an emotional role.


Arnold acting is superb, as far as zombie horrific makeup leads movie watchable.

sant bux singh

Oscar all the way...roughly 10-12 Oscars the best movie ever, I would eat this Maggie till the time the real Maggie has its ban going on


Very slow movie. very unlike Arnold movies. just a one time watch. sone scenes are a real drag