Raajneeti Raajneeti

2 hrs 48 mins


71% with 106 votes

Drama, Action, Crime,

Ajay Devgn Ranbir Kapoor Katrina Kaif Manoj Bajpayee Arjun Rampal Naseeruddin Shah Nana Patekar Sarah Thompson Kane Nikhlia Tirkha Darshan Jariwala Chetan Pandit Shruti Seth Kiran Karmarkar

Prakash Jha, Anjum Rajabali, Santosh Mandal, Sachin Kumar Krishnan, Wayne Sharp,

Total Rating 3.55

After Bhanu Pratap (Khan Jahangir Khan) suffers a stroke, the reins of the party go into the hands of his brother, Chandra. Meanwhile, Bhanu`s son Prithviraj Pratap (Arjun Rampal) takes advantage of his father`s power and starts taking decisions. The family strife thus created gives way to disputes that form the basis for the political turmoil that soon erupts.


Best movie after 3 idiots..Best movie...gr8 perfomances..


Full justice to the actual plot which revolves around the Ranjneeti in India. Kat & Mr. Kapoor have definitely learned alot from this movie as their seniors have done app laudable job. Those who have seen APKGK will love the change in acting of these two stars. Ranbir looked alot inspired by Godfather. None of the characters, shown in this movie, fail to make u say wow and good job for them. Only

timir nath

perfect drama on indian politics,but more violence is a only minus point of film.everyone is not clear by murder only in politics.


rajneeti is a bullshit movie, i dnt knw why these ppl dnt see wat they hav made. its not at all a politics just a gang war, crap gang war


A political adaptation of "Mahabharatha" at the same time inspired by the film "Godfather".A wonderful thrilling entertainer from the 1st to last scene showing the dirty political games of Indian politics.Hats off to Prakash Jha& team.