Karuppampatti (Tamil) Karuppampatti (Tamil)

2 hrs 14 mins



(Voice) Archana Jagan Ajmal Ameer Mahadevan Devadarshini Ajmal M. S. Bhaskar Aparnaa Bajpai Aparna Bajpai Alice Tantardini Bappi Lahiri (Voice) Voice Bappi Lahiri Voice

B. Lenin, Puthithu Kannan, Prabhu Raja Cholan, Santhosh Sriram, Tha Prabhu Raja Cholan, Sundar, Sanjeevi Sathyaseelan,

`Karuppampatti` chronicles the history of a legendary father and his lovable son, both played by Ajmal Ameer. Directed by Prabhu Raja Cholan, the film is set against the backdrop of a city and a village. Ajmals two roles in the film are totally different from each other. One is a young father from the early 1970`s and the other is the modern son in 2010.